Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN

Riverside Resort, Richmond, MN


Arrival of New Apparel

“So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ ”    -Matthew 6:31




Here at Riverside Resort we do not worry about what we wear, however we do love to make people look fabulous wearing our official apparel. It is such a joy to choose items each year that are fun, functional, fashionable, and fantastically made!

Above is a picture of our store where all the apparel can be found. All items come in a variety of colors and sizes to make sure there is something for everyone. Some of the items you will find in our Resort store are t-shirts, baseball hats, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and stocking hats.

Each year we order items with new styles, different materials, and sometimes even different products altogether. Our family decided to have a little photo shoot to show you some of our apparel. (As you can see, we try to make everything, even work, a family affair.)



New Item!

This year our new item, which we are totally excited about, is a stocking hat. This is an item that has not ever been sold before at Riverside Resort! When these new stocking hats arrived, our boys (Caleb – 8, David – 6, and Tyler – 4) were so thrilled about them that each boy bought one with their own money.



Owners’ Favorite!

Hands down our favorite piece of clothing we sell is our sweatshirts. They are so cozy and just perfect for a cool summer evening. They also keep you warm throughout the cold winter months–you Minnesotans know that’s 10 months each year!


Best Seller!!!

Since we have taken over ownership of this wonderful fishing resort 6 years ago, our best selling piece of apparel has been our long sleeve shirts. We cannot seem to keep these items on the shelf! They come in a variety of colors, prints, and designs to suit everyone’s style.




Feel free to come on down to the store, meet these wonderful fashion models, and try on these incredible buys for yourself!










Season Kickoff

“Every Good and Perfect Gift is from above…..”  James 1:19

What a Gift!

This is how we feel about opening Riverside Resort for its 90th season!  All winter long the Resort has been sad and lonely, but with the dawning of vacation season upon us, the resort is giddy with excitement for the guests to arrive.

Here is a little countdown to the kickoff!



4 Feelings:


It just fills the air as the weather becomes nicer and we find ourselves basking in the warmer temperatures.  The time has finally arrived when we are able to start welcoming our guests and we no longer have to stay cooped up in our home (those of you who live in Minnesota or other parts of the Midwest know exactly what we are talking about).


So much goes into preparing the resort for the summer season.  One job that is particularly time consuming is putting one of our largest docks in the water each spring.  This is a job that would be awfully difficult for just the two of us (especially with 4 young children in tow).  This year we rounded up several friends who were gracious enough to help and made it into a fun time of work, food, and capped the day off with taking a chilly boat ride around the lake.


There is never a dull moment here at Riverside Resort; every day we wake up and look forward to what the day will hold.  Even before a single guest set foot on the resort this season, we had an underground water leak and a key somehow managed to break off in a door.  Boy, the days never seem to go as we plan, ALWAYS AN ADVENTURE!  🙂


I’m not sure who’s more excited: the resort, us, or our four children.  In the middle of April our 4 year old said he wished they (the guests) could all come “tomorrow”.  The whole summer is a revolving door of one friend to the next, and the kids just cannot wait!


3 Changes:

This BLOG! 😮

Throughout the year we will be posting on our blog regularly, be sure to follow along!  We will have updates about how the season is going and other helpful/fun facts about summer, resort living, and more to keep you in the Riverside Resort loop, regardless of your geographical location.

New and Improved Booking System!

Although booking online is not a new feature, it has been improved this year to be a more streamlined process to make your vacation planning a breeze!  We do anticipate our phone calls to decrease, so feel free to call and just chat from time to time!  😉  If you want to check it out, here’s the link  https://guest.rezstream.com/search/riverside-resort

New Craft – Bird Houses

One of our favorite parts about spring is hearing the birds chirp and watching them find worms to feed their babies.  This summer our kids craft time will focus on making homes for our little feathered friends.  Come ready to follow the pattern or let your creative juices flow and make your own version.



2 Owners:

Joe and Christina DeRose

We met while going to school at St. Cloud State University.  It did not take long before we knew that we would be together forever.  It was not quite “love at first sight”, but pretty close!!  After getting married we spent a few years working, growing our family, and continuing to trust God’s plan for our lives.  In 2012 we became the 4th generation owners of this wonderful family vacation spot called “Riverside Resort”.


1 God

We are so thankful that God has allowed us this privilege to serve and host guests throughout the summer.  Without Him, none of this would be possible.  We invite you to join us in our journey!


What a Gift!


Cottage Journal Volume 6

“We started our fourth year today at the relaxing Riverside Resort. The DeRose’s are the most gracious hosts we’ve ever met over the years of vacationing. Weather was great and the fish were biting right off the dock. The kids had a great time fishing, swimming, tubing, and jet-skiing. Hope your stay here will be as wonderful as ours.” Tom & Julie, Minneapolis, MN .Cottage # 10

“We came by plane over the big Atlantic from Germany to Minnesota. The hospitality that people gave to us was unforgettable. We were welcomed as family members and joined the family. Thanks very much for all the efforts you’ve done. It was wonderful to meet you. Many things will keep in mind as special memories. Good-by and you are welcome to come to Germany.” Heinz & Hanna, Hude, Germany. Cottage # 15

“Well, it is now our 23rd year here! Our whole family has 10 cabins out of the 16 they have here. The weather was so beautiful all week and the fish were biting -we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks to Jim, Jeanette, and family for once again a wonderful year (too bad it goes so fast!)” Fred & Donna, Shakopee, MN. Cottage # 8

“This is the third year we have spent our vacation at Riverside. From the time we leave until we come back it seems that’s all the kids talk about. We had a great week. The fishing was good and so was the swimming. This cabin has such a great view. As always, the resort is clean and well-kept. All the little extras really mean a lot.” Duane & Sherry, Winthrop, MN .Cottage # 3

“Well, as a cabin dweller you have discovered that Cabin 9 is the tranquil spot! The DeRose family has been fantastic, consummate hosts. The emphasis on kids has been so much fun. We’ve done bunny hops, coloring contests, frog hunting, and bug collecting as well as the mandatory beaching. It has been a pleasure watching the customer service excellence that the DeRose’s have to offer! Eric & Kathy, Lanesboro, MN. Cottage # 9

“Our brother discovered this jewel resort last summer. He organized a brother-sister reunion this year and five out of six were able to come, including most of the kids. We came from Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Illinois. It was truly superb! The DeRose family has a special blessed ministry here. We definitely felt ‘close to home’ at Riverside.” Bob & Cathy, Sagle, ND. Cottage # 12

” As the sun sets and the full moon rises over Riverside Resort, a bittersweet feeling comes over me. Yes, it’s time to go home -to work and to reality -but the memories here will last a lifetime. When summer closes into fall and I’m pulling up the last petunias in my garden, once again I’ll be dreaming of next summer when we can return to Riverside. Thank you for offering a place where dreams are fulfilled.” Roger & Janice, Minneapolis, MN .Cottage # 4

“We had a family reunion with folks coming from Washington, New York, New Hampshire, Kansas, Wisconsin and all parts of Minnesota. Many remarked, ‘This is a wonderful place you picked. These folks are so gracious and caring. Your love for Christ shows through your business.” Donna, Litchfield, MN. Cottage # 14

Cottage Journal Volume 5

“This was our big family vacation of the summer, and as I sit here writing, the night before we head home, may I say – we’ve had a great time! Our family turned our fishing into a( catch-and-release ) fishing competition. We were able to make use of the water bikes also -and tubes and plenty of swimming. The DeRose’s are very nice and caring people and I can’t imagine the time and dedication they truly give for others! We made many new family memories this week and you can be sure we will let others know what a wonderful place this is!” Roger & Tracy, St. Cloud, MN. Cottage # 3

“My husband and I started going together up here. My dad, Bill Brinckerhoff, also played Cupid to Don’s sister, Marilyn, and Richard (another long time regular.) They married, had 4 kids and 7 grandkids. We married, had 2 kids and 2 grandkids. Must be something in this Minnesota air. We have had some really great times here with all the ‘every year regulars’. Jeanette and Jim, you are every bit as hospitable as your parents (they would be proud).” Don & Nyla, Torrance, CA. Cottage # 8

“We are having our family vacation at Riverside Resort for the 7th year .We have cabins with all our 5 children and spouses and soon 23 grandchildren. It’s wonderful. The children really enjoy the water sports. Most of them love the fishing. The women go for dinner and shopping one day and some enjoy golf a couple of days. This year Grandpa had meditation on Joshua 1:9 and Timothy 1:7. Grandma shared on Proverbs 18:10. What a wonderful week. What a blessing!” Harold & Harriet, Peterson, MN. Cottage # 15

“The cabin is all packed up and we are ready to go. Each year here seems to go faster than the previous. Last year it was Jackie who caught the 4lb. 4 oz. fish at the age of 5. This year is was Casey’s (3) turn to catch the big one. The smile on her precious face when she held up her catch for the picture is priceless. Our children are only young once and now is the time to create the memories for a lifetime.” Art & Wendy, Glen Ellyn, IL. Cottage # 12

“Someone has come up from Omaha from our family for over 40 years. It has changed over the years, but the Kurtz and DeRose families have never changed how great they run their business. Everything is always perfect. They are the nicest hosts anyone could ever want and they make sure everyone has an ‘awesome’ visit. We appreciate them very much and we realize how hard they work to make our vacation super.” Walt & Connie, Omaha, NE. Cottage # 9

“We visited for the first time. We soon became known here, as we are known most places, as the family with 8 children. We all enjoyed the terrific (gospel) quartet Sunday morning and the resort picnic afterwards. We knew we wanted to spend a week in Minnesota and had material from the Office of Tourism as well as the internet. The Sunday a.m. service at Riverside caught my eye, but the warmth and personal attention I received over the phone drew me to this place. It wasn’t long after we arrived that everyone else applauded the decision. Thanks so much to the DeRose family for making our vacation so memorable!” Rob & Betty, Shelbyville, IN. Cottage # 10

Cottage Journal Volume 4

“How fitting -our 3rd year at Riverside landed us in Cabin # 3! Our favorite so far! In these turbulent world times it is so comforting to be embraced by the truly hallowed grounds of Riverside Resort.” Ed & Carole, San Clemente, CA. Cottage # 3

“I’m 12 years old. Every year my mom’s side of the family comes up here and gets 4 cabins. I like the candy store, the park, and swimming in the lake. It is so much fun to play volleyball and eat s’mores on Monday night.” Kathryn, Vadnais Hts., MN. Cottage #8

“This is our first stay at Riverside Resort. We are pleased indeed. Accommodations are great, but what most matters is the hospitality. Not only do the DeRose’s make one feel right at home, but the other guests as well. One really does feel a sense of ‘family’ here. As the week comes to a close I feel a sadness that it’s over, but I can’t wait until next year! The memories will be with us forever.” John & Sandy, Harrisburg, SD. Cottage # 13

“We have had a wonderful vacation here at Riverside Resort. We were impressed with the beauty of the area, the view of the lake, the immaculate cabin, and our wonderful hosts, Jim and Jeanette DeRose. Our stay was capped off with a great fireworks show on the 4th (of July). My kids have fallen in love with Minnesota.” Joel & Cindy, Rocklin, CA Cottage # 5

“This is our 3rd year at Riverside Resort. We love it here and feel we’ve found a home. The owners are so friendly, so eager to please, and everything is clean and nice. As life is so busy today, pulling us in many directions, this time is so valuable to help us get reacquainted, especially with the younger generation.” Larry & Lenice, Lakeville, MN. Cottage # 1

“Our home base was Cabin # 2 at Riverside Resort. The cabin and entire resort is perfect. Jim and Jeanette run a first-class operation that we found on the World Wide Web. The get-acquainted night was great -made ‘smores and played volleyball. This resort is like a place time forgot. It is so restful and relaxing. We will be back next year.” Bill & Jan, Cedar Rapids, lA. Cottage # 2

“We have nothing but good times at Riverside every year we come (5 or 6 years now. ) This year we met new friends (staying at the resort) from Paris, England, California, and again old friends from Minnesota. Every day was sunshine in the 8O’s & 9O’s this year. Did the DeRose’s plan this too?” Olaf & Marcia, Sioux Falls, SD. Cottage # 11

“It’s been a terrific week of many peaceful moments (no clocks & no ‘phones -yeah!), relaxing in the early morning hours on the dock or on the deck, hearing loons and mallards, and fish jumping in the lake. It’s also been a time of fun in and out of the water -fishing, pontooning, tubing, swimming, and skiing, as well as a time of meeting new friends here at the resort. We leave refreshed and with many good memories of our week at the lake.” Tom & Carol, Haxtun, CO. Cottage #5

Cottage Journal Volume 3

“Our week at Riverside Resort was A # 1! Jim and Jeanette are great and provide a top notch resort. We had many laughs and fun times in our cabin as well as beachside. We are leaving glowing with memories and tanned in and out. Thanks for the cleanest cabins and your kindness.” Debbie, St. Paul, MN. Cottage # 14

“I had a nice relaxing week visiting Riverside Resort. Thanks for the great resort. I had a most enjoyable week with my family.” Andy, York, PA Cottage # 16

“Year # 23 for us!! Doesn’t that tell you something?” Dave & Madeline, Shakopee, MN. Cottage # 1

“What a wonderful place for a family reunion! We had 4 cabins and 5 generations. This is our third year here and each year we have more of the third and fourth generation because we tell them what a wonderful resort we’ve found. There’s something for everyone, and the staff bends over backwards to keep everything convenient for us. The atmosphere of caring says ‘Welcome’ as soon as you arrive.” Glenda, Coon Rapids, MN., Cottage # 3

“This was our first year at Riverside Resort. We were impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful accommodations. We were blessed on Sunday by the ‘Bethel Connection’ singing group from Bethel College. We also enjoyed the Sunday noon cookout and Monday evening volleyball game.” Marv & Joanne, Story City, IA. Cottage # 7

“We are coming to the end of out 4th year in Cabin # 4 -great place and great view of the lake! We are here with my entire family -22 of us scattered in various cabins. We have had a GREAT week! The weather has been gorgeous. Watching the fireworks over the lake ( on July 4th) was very beautiful. The DeRose’s are great and do so much to make our stay here so enjoyable. Our 6 year old water skied for the first time! Many wonderful memories have been made!” Jay & Sharon, Sioux Falls, SD., Cottage # 4

“We’ve had a wonderful week vacationing together and that calls for Praises to the Lord. The weather was beautiful for boating, swimming, and fishing. Special thanks to the DeRose’s for being so accommodating. The giving of your time, in and out of the water, makes our stay here so pleasurable. You’re a wonderful family and are a blessing to those of us who stay at Riverside Resort. Thank you for being so gracious.” Harold & Lucy, Lonsdale, MN. Cottage # 10

“Waking up every morning to the sound of birds singing was so special every morning. Several mornings we were up and on the lake between 6:30- 7:00 a.m. in our canoe. The water was like glass, the little ducks were swimming around, and all was calm and beautiful. We have appreciated our experiences and cabin very much. The DeRose family has gone the ‘extra mile’ to ensure a clean cabin, a well-equipped kitchen, cable T .V., and air-conditioner, and soft water (pretty curtains too!) The worship service on Sunday was special too. For a special time away from our busy schedules, a time to relax and reflect, this is the place!” Chuck & Gail, Carroll, IA. Cottage # 6

Cottage Journal Volume 2

Volume 2

“This is our 32nd year at Riverside vacationing as a family and enjoying it very much. Fishing and the weather very cooperative. You can tell the DeRose family enjoys what they do and they do it so well continuing what was started by the Kurtz brothers. God willing we will spend more vacations here. Thanks for the memories!” Art & Marlene, Hutchinson, MN. Cottage # 13

“This makes 44 years of coming to Riverside Resort and again we enjoyed every minute. The weather and fishing were GREAT!” Vince & Carrie, Charlotte, NC. Cottage # 1

“It’s our last day here and as we gather our 7 children around the table to write this brief note, we thank God for Riverside Resort. What dear and precious memories we each carry in our hearts. Reading through the pages of the cottage journal we realize that others love this place, the DeRose’s, and our Lord as we do. Grandpa and Grandma have been bringing over 20 grandchildren here for many wonderful years.” (Duane & Shirley, Peterson, MN .Cottage # 12

“This is our 6th year at Riverside. Over the years we have stayed at several resorts. Riverside is the very best. Our cabin is always immaculate, spacious and equipped with
excellence. Even more important, Jim, Jeanette, and family are wonderful people. Their friendliness, hospitality and service has been 1st Class from our first visit and every visit. Austin caught a large crappie on his very first cast with his Mickey Mouse pole. He is
keeping the bait a secret, but it looked a lot like a nightcrawler.” Bill & Betty, Glendale Heights, IL. Cottage # 16

“This is our only time of special bonding and the only time during the year that we can all be together as a family and catch up with each other’s lives. And what a beautiful place to do it in. The scenery is beautiful and serene. The accommodations are outstanding and say ‘Welcome Home!” As you come in the door you feel like you are home again.” Sue & Scott, Elkhart, IN .Cottage # 3

“This is our third year at Riverside. We were greeted with a bakery treat of assorted muffins and as always, a clean and neat cottage. We have a great view of the lake from the cabin and deck. We enjoyed the fire ring a few times, hot dogs and s’mores were good. The kids got some special prizes from Riverside Rabbit today for entering the coloring contest and both danced with him today!” Mark & Vicky, Nerstrand, MN. Cottage # 9

“We came here from Riverside, California- a 2300 mile trip! We have decided to make this our vacation spot yearly due to the relaxation and of course, the fishing.” John & Sandy, Riverside, CA. Cottage # 4

“What a joy it has been for our family to spend our 6th year together at Riverside Resort. We all enjoy the swimming, fishing, and the fun times we spend here. The DeRose family makes you feel like you are part of theirs and the welcoming hugs and greetings prove it to be. We look forward to many years of happy times spent here at Riverside.” Annette, Oakdale, MN .Cottage # 1

Cottage Journal Volume 1

“We talk about Riverside Resort all year round. Our girls have made many new friendships here. They would rather come here to Riverside Resort than go to Disney World!” Gary & Joy, Coon Rapids, MN. Cottage #8

“Our story starts in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. My parents, brother Don and I came here almost every year. We were here when you had to use the bath house, the stoves were with bottle gas, and boats were wooden. The summer of 1957…I met a guy named Richard. He and his family had also been here many years, however, we were never here at the same time. We both came 500 miles, but only lived 5 miles from each other in Illinois. We started to date and were married in February of 1958. We’ve been married over 40 years and four family generations have now been enjoying Riverside. We have a lot of great memories of fun times.” Richard and Marilyn, Grayslake, IL. Cottage #15

“Riverside Resort has truly been my second home since first coming here in 1952 at 6 years old. The memories here are numerous for our family from the fishing and other activities to the wonderful people in the Kurtz’s and DeRose’s. My children have grown up knowing the wonderful Christian atmosphere here and it is my hope their children will also get the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful vacation spot.” Randy & Trudy, Naperville, IL. Cottage #5

“This week was wonderful. The weather was great and the fishing wasn’t bad either. It’s always nice to get away and admire God’s handiwork in nature. I’ve relaxed so much this week that I’ll need to check my pulse to see if I’m still breathing!” Reggi, Bolingbrook, IL. Cottage #13

This is our first visit to Riverside Resort. We visited several resorts in the area looking for a clean, friendly resort large enough for our family and with the amenities we wanted. Riverside Resort just fit the bill and we are very pleased with our accommodations. We will recommend this resort to our friends!” Charles & Priscilla, Albert Lea, MN Cottage #7

“Our family had a wonderful time here. The kid’s highlight is when Samantha, 6 years-our oldest, caught her first fish! Of course, Riverside Rabbit was a huge hit with all the kids. The DeRose family couldn’t have been nicer. We swam our hearts out and all got lots of sun. The trip was wonderful and we are leaving with many wonderful memories. Thank you so much!” Chuck & Madeline, Eagan, MN. Cottage #11

“We have been coming to Riverside Resort for thirteen years. Jim and Jeanette and children are always so friendly and helpful. The cabins here are always so clean and have everything you need. The grounds are kept up nice and if you need something extra all you have to do is go to the office and tell Jeanette of Jim. We plan to come here as long as we are able!” Bill and Lila, Cuba, IL Cottage #2